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Creativity in cooking

Riso Delta Po PGI is a real italian gastronomic excellence appreciated by professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts. For a better experience, choose the variety that is more suitable for each dish according to the characteristics and cooking behavior. PGI Rice is a simple but rich food that lends itself to the creation of unique and delicious dishes: the delicate balance between freshwater and saltwater from which rice originates is the main ingredient of a healthy and tasty eating. Suitable for preparations that recall the flavors of tradition as well as creative and original recipes with a modern twist, Riso Delta Po PGI is the ideal choice for special occasions or to give more taste to your everyday life!

Let yourself be inspired with Po Delta Rice PGI! Thanks to its versatility, with the PGI Rice you can prepare an entire lunch, starting with appetizer and ending with dessert! 

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Conservation tips

Thanks to the production chain of Riso Delta Po PGI, the product arrives on the shelves perfectly packaged in a short time following all the necessary procedures in compliance with food safety standards. From cultivation to packaging, we maintain the quality and integrity of the rice to ensure you enjoy it as safely and pleasantly as possible.

How to properly store the rice so that it does not lose its goodness?

After opening the vacuum package, store the product in a dry, clean and fresh place; alternatively, you can keep the rice in a glass jarIf the package is made of a breathable material (eg: jute, cloth) or not closed well, avoid the refrigerator that is quite damp and prefer the freezer. The best solution is to close it hermetically with suitable containers, preferably under vacuum as in the case of special bags. We recommend not to expose the rice too long in the sunlight and not to keep it in rooms that are too hot. The expiry date of the rice, both open and closed, is the one shown on the package. Proper preservation is very important: if poorly preserved, you may have to discard the rice before the expiration date!

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